Civil Projects


Civil Projects

    Geo technical Investigation & contour survey

  • - Identifying the suitable land and designing as per soil strata is the key parameter for projects to sustain for years.
  • - Assessing the complete soil strata through our strong geotechnical team experienced more than 20 years in the investigation of soil types, corrosive study, hydrological data and elevation study.

    Land Grading and levelling

  • - Our team provides minimal cutting and filling through contour analysis thus reducing the cost for the land preparation.
  • - We provide complete solutions for Removal of trees , boulders, breaking of hilly terrains , filling of mining areas and levelling to the slope required.

    Boundary wall

  • - Major key parameter to secure the land is through boundary wall / fencing in which we provide optimised design with Long lasting , Reliable and Cost effective solutions.
  • - We are engaged in offering readymade precast walls, GI chain link mesh, PVC mesh with our own fabrication units located in Tamilnadu and Telangana.


  • - Designing and execution of various types of buildings for power plant such as control room, Inverter rooms (Outdoor/Indoor), Substation, buildings, switchyard foundations.
  • - Designing and execution of other buildings includes pumping station for oil & Gas, PEB structures for Industries, Civil & Interior for commercial buildings.

    Pile Foundation

  • - Our expert engineers with their professional approach design and complete the projects.
  • - Our wide range of piling such as under reamed pile, bored pile, precast driven concrete pile, Drill to hole piles.
  • - With strong execution more than 50 projects in solar power plants, transmission towers, metro works, floating solar plants.

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